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I spent 8 years daily under various lifts and I`m convinced any quality lift properly installed is safer than crawling on the ground under jack stands.

I`m thinking the portable lift might be better for me, as I`d likely go months without using it. And, I think having posts always up in the garage would get in the way.

The drive over mid rise non scissor type (above) looks interesting as well.

MaxJax seems to have a reputation of quality.

Lol. If you all would have seen some of crazy stuff we used to do with lifts when I worked at the Ford dealer - you`d think I had a screw loose.

We used primarily air lifts and used to disable the safety lock and the lever spring on the handle so the lift would go up and down with one yank.

Since all the safety locks were broke, disabled , or caked with oil dry - the air lifts would bleed down unless you set the rise lever to a constant "up". So, wedging a can of Brake Kleen behind the lever would solve that problem.

We used to overweigh car lifts with vehicles like FSDs and limos, and use screw jacks to force them up when the lift couldn`t lift the weight.

The lifts were the "X" frame type. So, the lift itself was often in the way pulling exhausts and transmissions. So, we used to do all kinds of crazy things with screw jacks to lift the car off the lift.

Dunno what I was thinking, but I was like 19 & it was monkey see monkey do.
Sounds like a whole bunch of OSHA violations there. I can`t say much, we (well, mostly my coworkers but myself to an extent) do some stupid stuff in the shop. Also did some extremely unsafe things during my time in the military, it`s amazing how much a crane or a forklift can do.