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    Wow this is a fantastic write-up!

    Some of these stories are just the most inspiring things for me and I`m sure others. I really hope to be able to obtain these skills and be effective in them in the future when I`m ready to start a business up.

    Thanks, and keep posting more suggestions/tips!

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    Alot of nice info I will keep in mind opening my new shop in the future

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    here is one i can share and maybe someone will learn something usefull:

    there was this guy that said he works in a body shop for a year on, with a black ford maverick that needed polishing. hes just too busy and cant do it by himself. i told him everything i was going to do on his car, and he asked me why the hell would it need waxing. (even got a higher, kind of suspecting voice tone)

    i explained him what does polishing exactly do to the clearcoat and what is the function of the wax over it while (i admit it) holding in a big laugh. (i mean, you work in a body shop and dont know why is wax used on cars? cmon...)

    long story short: today was the 4th time i waxed his car from the first time he came for polishing 1 year ago. he washes it, even said he uses 2 buckets like i suggested to, then comes to me for waxing.

    even if i would have laughed in his face at that moment, i tried to be polite and made him learn something he should have known cause of his full time job.

    he said he is coming back to prepare the car for winter.

    (and he even gives pretty nice tips on every waxing)

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    Welcome to this forum site. For review of the best cars,


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    Absolutely valuable information in this thread. I`m enjoying so much of what Im taking in. Keep these great threads coming.


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