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    I have been talking with a very large dealership around town about powerwashing the cars on the lot 2 or 3 times per month. It is a large lot with around 300 vehicles which would need soaped and rinsed to remove dust, bird droppings...not a complete detail.

    What kind of pressue and GPM should I be looking at for this? I would like to not scrub anything so was thinking a hot water washer (expensive I know)...found one that is 1000psi and 2gpm?

    I guess I need to know what would be ideal sized unit and if the hot water will help with the cleaning. Planning on rinsing w/ RO/DI water to minimized spotting as well.

    Is there any particular soap brand I should look at? Thank very much!

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    I don`t think you`ll be able to heat the water fast enough on a mobile basis to do 300 cars.

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    I have done some lot washing and i would skip the soap unless they are paying a premium.

    All i used was cold tap water. If the cars are just dusty it works fine. If they have months of dirt not so good, but of course they still looked better. I might try a rinse agent instead of soap. BTW i was paid $2.25 per car.

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    Dealers in Michgan pay $1 - $1.50 per car just for a wash. The washer you`re looking at is a little small. I`d step it up with the flow and pressure. There`s a 3 man team that did most of the lots near me. 2 guys washed and 1 guy rinsed. No drying required. I`ve seen them do 2000 cars in 1 day. Pretty good operation.
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    I worked for a dealership at one time and we were required to do that ever so often. They had a pressure washer(not much pressure at all), that had two big tanks on the back that housed some kinda liquid that gave the cars a spot free rinse. It sucked to say the least.

    I also believe that the heat is un-needed.



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