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    Re: How Wet sanding is Done


    What is the term "Jewling" Mean?

    While I have done crazy stuff also & I can understand the challenge of doing something like this I am sure there was never a profit margin calculated.

    To be able to put this into a "look @ what I did " Portfolio is priceless in more ways than one.

    I think its amazing that the paint can make that much of a come back,

    As far as cost effective I would think it to be cheaper & better in the long run to repaint. I mean to say if your going to put the time into a labor of love or insanity why not go flawless from the get go?

    Well either way great job no doubt!

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    Re: How Wet sanding is Done

    Quote Originally Posted by slowride66 View Post

    What is the term "Jewling" Mean?
    In my dictionary - it means using a light polish/pad combo at high orbit/rotation speeds to burnish the paint after polishing. Whilst moving the polisher slowly.
    I still don`t believe in grit guards.


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