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    Final LSP conundrum...

    Previously had CSL and Exo on my Sepang Blue Audi S3 and after multiple Exo fails, Gtechniq finally replaced it, upgrading me to Ultra in the process.

    My car has just been redone and looks great, as you may be aware, Exo V4`s peak performance is limited at best, it`s a 7/10 beader which is an issue for me as I air dry my car.

    I was considering putting a topper immediately on and just struggling to decide what to do. My detailing friend suggested putting something like Cancoat over the top of a £200 coating would be crazy - on the other hand I really love the water behaviour. I also have an array of high-end maintenance products which offer that in the short term - PA Cosmic Spritz, KK Overcoat.

    Live with the mediocre water behaviour and let the expensive coating do it`s thing?
    Immediately top with a more substantial sacrificial/protective layer like Moonlight or Cancoat?
    Use maintenance sprays as a more temporary measure to get the performance I want?

    I`m just that sort of person who can`t be satisfied until my LSP `stack` ticks every box - but I don`t want to dilute the underlying look of a super expensive and sophisticated coating (Gtechniq Ultra).

    Your opinions are appreciated.. been overthinking this for days!

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    Re: Final LSP conundrum...

    I voted to use the PA, Overcoat style goodies. If you later decide you want the expensive coating “back”, these won’t last a year like Cancoat/Moonlight. Plus you could argue that you’re using expensive to top expensive. And they’ll possibly/probably make a better visual enhancement than Cancoat or Moonlight. They’ll be easier to apply. More fun factor. The coating itself is practical so add the fun in.
    The main upside of Cancoat/Moonlight would be the extra protection like you mention, but let the $200 coating be the main protector and just have fun on top for looks and behavior.

    Just my two cents. . Fun questions!
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    Re: Final LSP conundrum...

    When I had the CSL/EXO3 on my car the only thing I used regularly was PA HG even tho I did try overcoat but liked the HG better. Since my 500ml (been using for almost 3 years now) is almost gone yesterday I ordered the High Gloss paste wax to give a try.

    Here is a shot of how that combination looked.

    Here is a picture I found that I took while washing 7 months after the coating application but not sure how long the High Gloss had been on at that time. You can see how well it is beading and I use a Milwaukee leaf blower to dry with myself and touch up with one drying towel after.

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    Re: Final LSP conundrum...

    Can you go into detail about your Exo failures and what you mean by this? Also about drying your car are you sheet rinsing or still leaving a lot of water on the surface?
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    Re: Final LSP conundrum...

    So to dry the car I normally sheet the majority of water off using an open hose then blow off / out the remainder with a dryer.

    Sometimes I skip flooding the panels because I like seeing beads being quickly dispersed (how sad am I... but I guess safer than looking at my bonnet on a motorway ha!).

    I don`t want to beat Exo up too much as Gtechniq have really looked after me and provided great aftercare. What I will say though is that I have found Exo to struggle to perform without topping over the course of a harsh winter - that`s pretty poor for a 18-24 month product marketed how it is. It`s not on it`s own, people have said the same about some Gyeon ceramic top coats (Skin is one - but at least it has incredible peak performance).

    Exo has now been professionally applied to my car (this time over Ultra) 4 times including the original detail. I can`t comment on how it`s working this time as I`m yet to pick up the car. The first three `failures` - reduction of beading from 5 weeks in, sides of the car completely flooding after a month in winter - all supposedly due to a CSL issue which I hope has now been rectified. This could not be cured through using compatible Gtechniq decon products and has genuinely puzzled all concerned.

    Regardless of whether it`s sorted now, I do believe I have seen (albeit for a short period before eventual deterioration) Exo V4`s peak performance and this does not come close to the self cleaning, water behaviour and slickness of other coatings. I was tempted to top Ultra with another product but figured it was no harm in having the extra protection of Exo and the option to top that.

    I really don`t like the idea of topping the ceramic top coat to potentially top that with a maintenance product, but if that`s what I have to do to have an exceptional performing top coat so be it!



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