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    Question about self service car wash

    So i typically frequent the self serve wash...its somewhat pricey but it no touch and does a great job washing the dust off my car. Typically i high pressure soap the car, high pressure rinse, finished with a hose blower, can usually get my car done for like $7...not bad and nothing touches it (sometimes i use the bristle brush on my windows with the minty foam)

    Since im in AZ and the temps are consistently over 105, i havent been doing my typical fk-1000 or even spray wax top coat. Sandstorm season is just starting and i want to be sure i get minimal sand melting into the clearcoat ect.

    So i used the spray wax setting at the car wash...i mean whats the worst that can happen right? I still have the original base of FK1000 going strong but i wanted to top it with something so i gave it a try.

    I want to know what this stuff is, the car wash spray on wax....because it left a very nice mirror finish that lasted a week in some pretty brutal summer conditions. It added about $1 in cost too.

    Ife searched online and can`t find anything on it, i have to assume its a synthetic sealant since it noticeably survived temps over 100, god knows how hot the surface of the car was in the sun.

    Anyone have any idea what this stuff is? It smells sweet, looks greenish-blue, and i spray and rinse and it seems to leave a layer of something down that is functional and not a pure wallet draining gimmick. i know its pricey considering i could have hit the car with turtle wax ice for a fraction of that dollar but not in this heat....really wish there was more info on what chemicals the car washes use, already looked at Kleen but nearly no info there.

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    Re: Question about self service car wash

    Good question. I use touchless car washes in the exact opposite conditions. During the winter it`s far too cold here to wash my car in the driveway, so I run it thought a touchless wash to remove some of the salt and grime. In order to get the underbody wash, I have no choice but to get that "wax" sprayed all over my car. I can`t help but wonder if they give it the bright green and blue color simply to let you know the machine isn`t spraying another round of soap on the car.
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    Re: Question about self service car wash

    i was just curious if anyone knew what kind of product the spray wax was, i mean it has to be synthetic to survive what its surviving. Or am i being tricked and its really just shining up my FK layer?



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