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    Ceramic on Travel Trailer

    I`ve not yet made the leap to any of the ceramic products out there on the market for my vehicles, especially since I plan to trade in the near future and it would be wasted effort. However, I do have a new travel trailer that I would like to keep looking nice. I have the Klasse twins that I had planned to use, but someone mentioned ceramic and I think it would probably be the way to go. Since I have a lot of surface area to cover, and no indoor space to do this in, is there a product I should be looking at? Conditions will be as controlled as nature allows. Should I just abandon the idea altogether?

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    Re: Ceramic on Travel Trailer

    Pep Boys is carrying Mothers CMX and Surf City Ceramic spray wax. Both are inexpensive and would work on a trailer.

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    Re: Ceramic on Travel Trailer

    Crow, welcome aboard !!
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    Re: Ceramic on Travel Trailer

    Though a silica coating instead of ceramic, this is the ideal application were I’d go with hydro2.

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    Re: Ceramic on Travel Trailer

    Are you looking something that needs to be reapplied every 3-6 months? Previous recommendations are solid with Carpros hydro 2 being easiest spray on rinse off.

    Ifcyour gonna have it a while I’d check out a full ceramic coating like carpros cquartz UK3. Suppose to last 18 to 24 months. Very hydrophobic and makes cleaning a lot easier.

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