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    Re: What`s up with Jeweling Waxes? (and Jeweling in general)

    Loach- Heh heh, yeah... I figure that whenever the Jag gets washed it oughta get another quick coat of Souveran

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    Re: What`s up with Jeweling Waxes? (and Jeweling in general)

    Wow thanks for shareing your findings with the gloss meter Loach!

    Do you have a thread or a site where you write up your findings with the gloss meter? Or would you be intrested to do so? Maybe edit the first comment in the thread with the different findings. And maybe have 3 classes with wax and sealants and coatings. Then edit in along with the highest readings on top. Would be very helpfull for most people.

    Is there any gloss meter that could read more than the the highest shine gloss? It`s certainly a cool tool to have when you like to test out different products


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    Re: What`s up with Jeweling Waxes? (and Jeweling in general)

    Quote Originally Posted by RaysWay View Post
    I`m a big fan of jewelling using the traditional ultrafine pad, ultrafine abrasive and rotary polisher. Todd Helme has some great technical information on why a rotary is needed...but I think the term jewelling is being used differently with these recent new products, especially sincr they include built-in LSP`s.

    A major factor in the McKee`s Jewelling Wax is convenience. I hear the question all the time: "Isn`t there just one product I can use to shine my paint?"...the average Joe doesn`t want to use a dedicated polish to refine their paint, and then spend even more time protecting it.

    For the guy with a garage queen that gets a fresh coat of a carnauba wax before a car show but needs something every once in awhile to maximize their gloss, they can easily use the same tools and technique. Some dogs don`t want to learn any new tricks so to make it as simple as possible I just tell them to use THIS (jeweling wax) every X months and use THIS (carnauba wax) every time they show their car.

    Even for pros a jeweling wax can make sense. I detailed a show car recently and the owner simply wanted it waxed. I looked at the paint and knew a mild abrasive could amplify the I used a jeweling wax and the results were great.

    For these cases, these type of Jeweling waxes make sense. Just another type of product to fill our tool boxes with more surgical and specialized precision.
    Interesting discussion. Do you think you get any better/different results from McKee`s or even the Pinnacle product than you would from using similar techniques and pads but using a more traditional AIO from a reputable brand?


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