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    Re: Hydrosilex Recharge

    Quote Originally Posted by rlmccarty2000 View Post
    I’m on a couple of the car forums too and I laugh at the products and techniques that are espoused there. I used to try to help out but I could tell I was fighting a losing battle. Stick to the detailing forums for detailing advice.
    I know what you mean.. I quit going on those sites well over a decade ago.. It`s almost like how it used to be ? (Or is it still like that?) on a Site that is...well.. uhm..very close by...

    I believe the last one I was ever on was a BMW Forum in late 2000, when I bought my first new Jet Black 2001 3-Series...

    Was basically a nice place, lots of new Bimmer owners, all trying to get advice etc., on how to care for their new Baby`s...

    Then there were a couple of really mean hicks from somewhere on there, that bullied and beat up on people all the time..
    They even made this poor lady cry because of the mean, hateful things they said to her.. She threatened to sic her Law Firm on them and then they knocked it off for her only..

    One of the bully`s was at the time a writer on the BMW Roundel Magazine... A real piece of work..

    I agree, you just cannot fix some stuff..
    Dan F

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    Re: Hydrosilex Recharge

    So I ordered bottle of this stuff before I decided I needed to actually work on my paint cuz it was easy. maybe it’s me but I think this done an excellent job. Car paint had no work on it at all (flat water slow to sheet). I clayed (mothers) and wash with melon foam soap. Applied 3 coats as recommended (dry method) in 2weeks. Last coat was oct 30th. I am not promote using as I fell down a hole and bought way to much stuff (gallon ofclutch, 500ml cosmic spritz, can coat, moonlight, cquk3, 209ml reload, 16 oz hydro blue.... I have a problem.) and will pass HS on. But because of reviews wasn’t expecting much.

    This not washed 4 weeks. Garaged at night, outside all day. Was in garage 1 full week for vacation. Rained on probably 50% of time while out side in the northwest after all. Again same price as reload/cure and is probably performs as well.

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