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    Re: FK1000p Beginner questions

    Accumulator - Yeah, i like when you mention something is Accumulator-proof I know it`s good. I`ve had great results with everything you`ve mentioned, and that`s why I immediately looked for the 22ple metal coating.

    hehe- Yeah, I know what you mean about having [crap] stashed away. There are times when I`m looking for something, and "find" something I forgot I had.

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    Re: FK1000p Beginner questions

    Quote Originally Posted by JustJesus View Post
    I do have their Paint Prep and their Pre-Wax. EVERY time I wanted to use them, I had to sit and read the labels to make sure I was using them properly for the purpose I had in mind. That was a drag. They sit on my shelf these days. Last i checked, I don`t think Griot`s makes the Pre Wax Cleanser any more.
    I also have their Paint Prep and their Pre-Wax Cleanser.

    Their paint prep is interesting in that (last I looked, I’ll probably regret not checking their site for current info now...) I remember it being marketed as a final step of your car wash prior to performing a correction/LSP. The goal being to remove previous waxes and silicones from those (evil ) other car care products ( ) to ensure best bonding of whatever you were doing next.
    The interesting part is if I remember right they wanted you to spray, agitate, then rinse off; different from most other paint preps where you can just wipe dry. I’m trying to remember - I think you may have also been able to spray it on, agitate it, then wipe it dry.
    **Edit: went to their website, they no longer sell the Paint Prep either, so no info from the source there. I’m sure it’s been superseded by the Foaming Surface Prep.**

    I’ve also been looking at my Pre-Wax Cleanser, wondering where it fits in the arsenal now. Like the Paint Prep, it’s no longer for sale. I feel like they brought this product to market back in their Machine Polish days, which was what I’d originally bought it for. I remember fighting the wipe off of the old Machine Polish 2 and 3 I cut my teeth on (probably grossly over-applied in retrospect...), and the Pre-Wax Cleanser worked fantastic for easing that problem. I’ll probably use it for spot cleaning here and their wherever a Citrus based degreaser would be appropriate (or just use it up detailing my gas grill...). Haven’t needed it since upgrading to the BOSS creams (with a stop at “Complete Compound” on the way), since wipe off has been much less of an issue.

    Sitting back, rereading my post, not sure it adds anything other than “Hey, I have those too!” But, well, um, I have those too!

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    Re: FK1000p Beginner questions

    Oneheadlite- Heh heh, yeah...I still have both generations of the GG Machine Polishes stashed away. The v1.0 MP1 was real rocks-in-a-bottle stuff for something made for ROs.

    I wonder what, if anything...I`ll ever use that Paint Prep for. I`ll have to read the label some time and see if it`s like the "rinse away" version that you have.


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