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    Re: FK1000p Beginner questions

    Quote Originally Posted by Accumulator View Post
    Ochnob- Glad it went well and that you`re so happy with it! Yes indeed, it`s great on silver.

    Are you planning to use a Drying Aid to maintain it?
    Im in kind of a delema there with drying aids. I have a bunch. Not sure which one would be best. Don’t have any FK spray detailer.

    i only have a small bit of Sonax BSD left. I know that works with FK but my wife’s van has a ton of surface area an that would only last one time

    I have a bunch of “Blue Juice”. Carpro Ech2o mixed with Reload. Don’t think that pairs well. That’s leftover from my Coatings failed journey. Just was never really satisfied with coatings. I have come full circle back to WDGS, Collinite 845, Sonax PNS (one of my favorites), and Sonax Speed Protect (remarkable scratch resistant finish) and now FK1000p to round out my collection.

    I have a gallon of P&S Beadmaker. Love the stuff. I have that on my Volvo DD thats outside 24/7. (I know... the Volvo is outside while the wife’s van and the kids bikes get the garage... welcome to married life.. and it gives me the excuse to constantly wash Beadmaker is great stuff but it really is almost a sealant of its own. Right now I don’t want to hide the FK. Maybe in the future I might try it but I want to enjoy the FK on its own for now. Beadmaker is a really slick finish.

    I also have a gallon of McKee’s Extender Spray Wax. Nice product. Doesn’t streak even in sunlight on a hot panel. Good for windows too. Leaves a nice slick result without changing the characteristics of the underlying product. Fairly good water beading but not in the BSD category, but not many are. I am leaning towards the McKee’s so I don’t change the FK characteristics and I have to use it. It’s been sitting around since last


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    Re: FK1000p Beginner questions

    Ochnob- Sounds like you already have lots of stuff to use up, but FWIW I`m doing great just using Garry Dean`s IUDJ as my Drying Aid on FK1000P. Zero downside, period and quite cheap (I mix 2 oz. IUDJ + 1 gallon distilled water). NEVER woulda thunk it in a million years, but trying it sold me. Doubt I`ll bother buying more FK425/FK146 let alone any other QDs.
    Thanks Ochnob thanked for this post

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    Re: FK1000p Beginner questions

    Mr. Accumulator, I am a NEWB to forums. I just wanted to chime in and thank you for all of the tips on using FK1000p. I am not a professional detailer, but developed and OCD eye as a young adult working in my grandfathers body shop. In the past I have typically used traditional carnauba based waxes from 3M, Megs, and more recently chemical guys. Living in Texas I have always found myself reapplying every 3 months and looking for a product with extended protection. Anyways, I purchased a tin or tub of the FK1000p and completed my journey this past weekend on my daily driving charcoal gray charger and I have to say overall I am really pleased with the results thus far. The car paint feels and looks very wet, not as rich or deep as a carnauba but boy does metallic in the paint pop. Now its time for the durability test.


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