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    Re: waterless vs rinseless wash preference

    Quote Originally Posted by MattPersman View Post
    Good product and good towels waterless not a problem.
    Heh heh, not a problem for many...but not Accumulator-proof either

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    Re: waterless vs rinseless wash preference

    I only waterless if the car is fully wrapped and I`m driving to a place with no water.. i.e., hotel.

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    Re: waterless vs rinseless wash preference

    My truck is a year and a half old now and has only seen waterless washes. I always hose it off first but I dont pretreat it. On occasion it gets very dirty and I do have some marring that can be seen in certain light now. I have only used the BRS on my truck but have used I think maybe 5 different products to wash it.

    IMO the BRS doesnt lift the dirt off a very dirty panel as well as I would like, or my technique needs work pulling it off, in turn my drying towel will have evidence of dirt on it. And voila, marring.

    Its very light, and possibly even in the CQUK itself. I plan on using the new essence to just cover it, afterall its a work truck.


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