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Thread: Winter Wheels

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    Re: Winter Wheels

    Quote Originally Posted by Dan View Post
    As to the TPMS hate, I concur on some fronts, but I really do like the VW implementation on the lower end cars, it uses the ABS sensors to calculate wheels speed vs actual air pressure, it works quite well, however it doesn`t tell you which tire is low, for that you have to rely on your $5 Milton.
    BMW has been doing this for many, many years. On the US models they do full TPMS now, because of the Ford thing I assume. In Canada we`ve just got the wheel speed sensor thing.

    In some ways, I like the idea (but not the expense) of full TPMS. In the US you can bring up a screen that shows real time pressure and temperature of all four corners as you drive.

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    Re: Winter Wheels

    OK - so I know that this is a winter wheel thread, but we did spend a few sentences talking about the Hakkapeliitta R2s I chose and most of us are probably "car guys" anyways.

    So, in the dry and above freezing they are predictably squirmy. As with my Hakka RSis years ago, control inputs seems to generate a `rrrrrrrrrrr` sound before generating a handling response. They`re better than the RSis were, though. They make a slight whine or wrrrrr at speed on dry pavement, but they`re quieter than the summers I took off so far. Critically, they do not suffer from the dangerous warm/wet loss of traction my RSis did - thank heaven for that. In light/typical braking, they do seem to instill a bit of a "rumble", I don`t know how else to describe it. It`s like a "gritty" feel in the steering wheel while the brakes are applied in a certain range - goes away with lighter or heavier braking. My RSis did not do that. I can live with it, but I noticed it.

    In the cold/dry (e.g. -10C or lower), just like the RSis they firm up nicely and come into their own. I expect that, just like the RSis, they will feel like summer ultra-high performance rubber in -15C and colder in the dry. The challenge has always been that Toronto-area winters aren`t like that, and when we get snow it`s usually hovering around freezing or going above and below with rain and freezing rain.

    When I told a co-worker that I went "full winter" (e.g. Hakka R2) instead of "performance winter" (e.g. Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4) I got "What did you do that for?? Do you want to hate your car 4-5 months a year?". If we had another open winter I would agree with him. We`ve been dumped on twice so far, including overnight last night.

    In the winter conditions I`ve had so far - slush, packed snow, salted snow "dough", standing water, a few inches of virgin snow, snow packed and polished to ice - these tires are absolutely outstanding. My current vehicle (F10 chassis BMW 535xi AWD) did better than I expected on my previous performance winter tires (Dunlop WinterSport 3D) although which there were some weaknesses observed. These winter tires have kicked it up a big notch. Of course as with just about any winter tires I`ve had my share of all season bearers sliding right past me with all four wheels locked, minivans unable to even get moving, FWD cars fishtailing around me while I`m experiencing pretty much nothing. But even compared to other winter-tire shod cars these have the advantage. They are so good, I can even forget I`m driving in winter conditions. I`ve even stepped up the `aggression` (no one else around) and this package just "does it" and it never seems any worse than driving on a gravel road.

    Well done, Nokian.

    I`ll have to report in on how the wheel coating works out later

    2011 BMW 535xi
    18"x8J style 237 factory wheels w/ Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 245/45R18
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    Re: Winter Wheels

    Surly- Glad you like them, funny about that weird feel under braking but I`m glad you can live with it.

    ... I got "What did you do that for?? Do you want to hate your car 4-5 months a year?"...
    [sarcasm]Oh gee, how could you possibly like your car with snowtires on it?!?[/sarcasm]

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    Re: Winter Wheels

    Thanks surly each time I’m due for new winters I look to Nokians but after I search for a couple days on the latest other tires that rank well I always end up finding ones that will be workable for much cheaper. My wallet ultimately talks for them.

    One of these days. But we just don’t get the consistent winter that wants me to spend the extra. But it always leaves me wondering how much better they are

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