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    FT : GD930 Vac, Metro VnB-73, Portable Water Softener (8K Grain)

    Moved in with my GF... She saw all my gear and said I needed to consolidate.

    Primarily interested in FLEX XFE15, willing to hear any offer. Compact items preferred.

    Nilfisk Euroclean GD930 HEPA Vacuum
    - 1.34 HP
    - 92 Water lift
    - 74 CFM
    - 53 dB(A)
    - 32 mm hose

    Extremely powerful suction but very quiet. The unit`s wand has seen a bit of abuse and if replaced the already ridiculous suction would increase. Everything functions perfectly. I have several spare bags as well.

    Link to manufacturers website

    Metro Vac n Blow 73 (4HP) - Runs great, comes with several attachments, and reusable clothe filter bag.

    On the Go Portable Water Softener
    - Capacity: 320-800 gallons
    - Flow Rate: 2 gpm
    - Tank: 0.25 CU FT

    Has some cosmetic defects but the tank is fully functional. Does not come with ion-exchange resin (shipping costs).

    Additionally, I have a Ladybug XL 2300 vapor steam cleaner that I am having serviced. Once it is operational again it will need a new home as well.

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    Re: FT : GD930 Vac, Metro VnB-73, Portable Water Softener (8K Grain)

    Sent you a PM

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