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    You can "increase the concentration" of ww fluid by adding methyl hydrate to it. Around here it`s about $6 a gallon. This can help if you`ve got too much "summer" stuff in the reservoir.
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    I gave the Prestone De-Icer fluid a try recently, and I can report that it does not freeze in my washer reservoir! I haven`t tried it`s de-icing capabilities out yet, but I do have their de-icer product in a spray can format and it works extremely well for removing ice and light frost from the windshield.

    I`d highly recommend both products for all of your winter windshield needs.

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    I buy the cheap blue stuff that is rated at -35c and add 100% isopropyl alcohol to it. I find that it increases the low end temp. ratings and it cleans streak free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OJ_GTI

    I use Rain-X de-icer washer fluid. I find it works very well and never freezes.

    Link here

    I have 2 gallons of Rain-X de-icer as of right now sitting in my open garage and both are frozen solid. It is 18 degrees here


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