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    Post detail, erhm, post modification pictures. New wheels, more lift, etc

    I made the mistake of buying a cheaper lift kit and in time it sagged big time, and I finally got so fed up with it that I got an add-a-lead to raise the rear back up. I also scored on a set of used 15x8 alloy wheels, $150 for 5 Everyone and their brother has black wheels now so I was definitely ready for a different look, plus when I move to Tahoe I can`t have my tires sticking out as far asd they were, cops would give me hell.

    She was looking sad for quite a while, I just kept neglecting her. But I had other stuff to fix before I could really clean her up


    Now, after like 6 cans of flat black on the undercarraige, a few cans of Satin black to paint the bumpers/rear frame crossmember, no more tail light guards, etc. These were like a week after a detail, which I SHOULD have done afterwards since it got murdered with Pollen in Tahoe 3 days after I did all the work. Lioterally, murdered with pollen. Anyway, here we go

    It sits WAY better now, and as a friend of mne said, with the new wheels it kinda looks more like a wheeler. I take this thing to it`s limits but there`s nothing wrong with keeping her spotless (well, clean anyway). Loooooooots more to be done in the coming months

    *Cough* 35`s, new rear axle, locker, spring-over suspenion, etc
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    Re: Post detail, erhm, post modification pictures. New wheels, more lift, etc

    Wow, I like! New wheels make it look a lot nicer!!



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