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    Rupes yellow wool pads and Keramik Gloss Fine polish

    I spoke with Jason Rose of Rupes at Mobile Tech Expo this year, and he was very high on their yellow wool pads and fine polish combo. I picked up some of these pads, and finally tried them out on an Infinity QX60. I could not believe how much area I could cover, how long I was able to work the product (on a 95+ degree summer day in Central Florida), and how much correction I got from a `fine` polish. I was able do the both doors in 3 sections, not my usual 6+, and it removed all the swirls and most of the RIDS too. I spot polished some RIDS on one side with a compound and cutting pad on the Rupes Mini, then realized I forgot the other side, but could not tell much difference after the wool pads. I was even able to remove the hazing on the headlights.

    The pads were much easier to work with than microfiber pads - they did not get hot (which I guess allowed for the long work time), and fluffed back up quickly with a pad brush. When I work with MF pads I have gotten in the habit of swapping them after each section (clean the old pad, put on the new pad) to keep the heat down, but with these pads I just cleaned the pad and moved on to the next section. I used two 5.5" pads on the whole SUV, but did not do the roof, and used a 3" wool pad for the headlights, front bumpers, & rear hatch.

    I just picked up a 1 litre bottle of the Keramik polish before they bring out the new version of it. AG has it for $13.00 off retail (26% savings), but the Autopia site only has a $5.00 discount.
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    Re: Rupes yellow wool pads and Keramik Gloss Fine polish

    I might have to try these some time.

    Today`s wool pads seem to be good options

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    Re: Rupes yellow wool pads and Keramik Gloss Fine polish

    I wonder how the Rupes-branded wool pads compare with the Cyclo-branded ones...noting that Rupes owns Cyclo.

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    Re: Rupes yellow wool pads and Keramik Gloss Fine polish

    Thanks Mike, great info! I`m going to have to try a few of their pads and see!
    Scott Harle
    Serving Naples and SW Florida
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    Re: Rupes yellow wool pads and Keramik Gloss Fine polish

    The rupes yellow pads are great. They are pretty versatile and they finish out nicely. The blue coarse wool pads are also nice. Pretty close to the cut level of a microfiber pad with the benefit of running cooler.

    Keramik is pretty good.
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