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    Re: Nano backing plate snapped off :(

    Thanks so much for your input, you guys!

    Quick update. I contact Detailed Image (I had to purchase from them, as I am in Canada, and as hard as I tried, I couldn`t get it to work out with Autopia, who I am otherwise VERY loyal to!!). They were AMAZING. I emailed them this past Sunday, and they not only responded on Monday, but shipped out a new function unit and backing plate THE SAME DAY.

    KUDOS, to them. I also contacted RUPES, and will advise them that it has been taken care of, when they get back to me.

    All is well.

    @The Driver - THANKS for your help. I didn`t have extractors handy, and didn`t want to wait, so I tried drilling a small hole in the middle of the plastic stem, and them jammed a screwdriver in to try and back it out, but it just did not work. I thought it should come out easily. In the end, the plastic left it in the threads rendered the unit unusable, and I wasn`t able to extract the plastic from the threads

    At any rate, excellent service was encountered, and I am a very happy camper!

    Thanks again, all!
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    Re: Nano backing plate snapped off :(

    Glad to hear it worked out for you!
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