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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy Buffit
    I just returned from 7 days of chainsawing (and more) in Gulfport and Biloxi, MS. I simply cannot describe the impact upon the area.

    We have negotiated (with the City of Biloxi) a TWO YEAR Lease for a space for a Base Camp fo our Church Mission. We intend to provide a revolving 30 man crew, weekly, for that period.

    If you REALLY want to help, find a local, faith-based organization that has a mandate to help. They will be leaner and and faster than any large organization!

    HEY! I`m back already!

    And seriously contemplating a second week at "Ground Zero" (Gulfport/Biloxi).

    PM me if you have specific ?s!


    Wow! Jim, I am really impressed!

    I test for Optimum, Clearkote, Meguiars

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    I am the one with the high bid right now. I have already donated to the Red Cross for Katrina. I agreed with Accumulator, I like the cheese factor and the story that goes with it. It does not matter if I win this bid or not, I will be giving more to the people that have suffered from these two hurricanes.

    I think Jimmy Buffett has made the best donation, with the giving of his time and muscle. Our Baptist Disaster Relief team is there helping and I wish I could be there with them. But my knees are so messed up I can barely walk so all I can do is give money. I had to comment since I`m the one with the bid. I know it is dumb to bid for this can of wax but if the money is going to a worthy cause I don`t see what it hurts. I trust Meguiar`s to get the money to the needy. Wes

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    Wes, ain`t nothin `dumb` about your bid, buddy!

    Help. They just need help... and for years... not months.

    "If it was easy, everybody`d be doing it."


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