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    Revolver carpet brush

    I have had the is brush for two years I use it every detail it is different from all the other drill brushes. Most drill brushes run flat across the surface. The revolver has much longer brush bristles. Instead of running it flat I run it at 90 degree angle like a plane propeller and the longer bristles are more effective at cleaning and ejects most of the water out of carpet floor mats. I pretreat carpet floor mats and Rinse them out a few times the run this brush over the top of the mats like a propeller and the mats come out as damp as an extractor. The rubber floor mats same thing spray with APC and spray with hose then run this over the top and this brush ejects all the dirt, water and cleaner right off. I can get a floor mat done in two minutes and it comes out as clean as an extracted carpet. I use it on cloth seats at lower speed and light pressure.

    This brush and the tuff shine tire brush are the two I can’t do with out.
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