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    got this email , is for an 2 weeks event

    - 50guests and vehicle handling (30 vehicles) per day

    - Basic cleaning of all cars after arrival of the fleet

    - Line up of the car fleet at the event locations before guest arrival on a daily base

    - Guest Handling (hand over keys, open doors, explain basic car settings) on a daily base

    - Daily refueling, detailing and damage check ups of the whole vehicle fleet as well as key handling

    * i have no idea what and how to quote this.

    options: contact a local valet company to handle the cars and a quick training of light clean-up , or hire 5-10 guys for this event.

    * my problem is that i have regular clients that i see them every week or biweekly , and are important

    * for quote i can go with a daily rate that should cover let`s say 6 people plus materials.

    let`s say i charge 30$/hour per person , materials around 500 , so for 14 working days with 8 hours a day for 6 people total charge $20160 plus materials.

    if i pay the help with 12$/hour , for 14 days is $8064 , profit for 2 weeks $12096

    this are the facts, let me know what you think and how realistic this plan is.

    * plus i have to pay the help from my pocket i guess till i get paid, with events the payment is after that`s another thing not sure what`s the story with :"Daily refueling," when comes to....30 cars )
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    I`m assuming its for a vehicle manufacturer doing demos for fleet buyers/dealers, etc. I know that some of the manufacturers spend big bucks on these acquaintance was doing some vehicle prep work for Chrysler and the guy that contracted him basically told him that Chrysler has so much $ set aside for these events its hard to spend it all!

    Anyway, your numbers look good to me. Would you need extra liability insurance handling that many cars or would you be covered under their policy?
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    Make sure you understand how long the take to pay the bill,...... Since you said this is coming out of your pocket 1st that may be a hardship.

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    Is the company ae`s?
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