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Thread: Drivepur

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    Bump the thread. Any more updates about Drivepur?
    Started back in 2006 reading Mike. P posts and practiced on customers` cars, ended up writing a book, see merawat mobil. Fast forward 2014 established toko alat salon mobil online (online shop) to cater car care enthusiasts and local car detailers.

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    <span style="color:#000000;"><span style="font-family:verdana, sans-serif;"><span style="font-size:10pt;">Kristee Bettilyon

    <span style="color:#000000;"><span style="font-family:verdana, sans-serif;"><span style="font-size:10pt;">Purworld Technologies, LLC

    <span style="color:#000000;"><span style="font-family:verdana, sans-serif;"><span style="font-size:10pt;">Phone 888-584-9997 Ext 103

    <span style="color:#000000;"><span style="font-family:verdana, sans-serif;"><span style="font-size:10pt;">Fax 972-369-0206

    <span style="color:#000000;"><span style="font-family:verdana, sans-serif;"><span style="font-size:10pt;">Email


    What I did/do is purchase the 32oz. spray bottles `cause I don`t have all that much odor removal business. I then purchased an `ultrasonic` humidifier from Walgreens and use that to fog the car. Couldn`t justify the cost of their machine.


    But just to say, I think if you call and ask for a demo unit and decide not to purchase the whole kit and kaboodle, they let you keep the little bottles that fit perfectly in the humidifier.


    The only downside I`ve experiened is if you spray and don`t wipe it down quickly enough it WILL discolor anything that`s black. Including seating, plastic trim, etc.
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    Re: Drivepur

    I have used this system back in 2013-2014 ish with great results of ridding interiors of cigarette smoke and a malodor of rotten meat. Are you guys still using Drivepur and how do you like it? I am thinking about getting back into it.
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    Re: Drivepur

    BUMP, is there a So Cal distributor?

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    Re: Drivepur

    Superior Shine- Hey, it`s great to see you posting! Hope all is well with you and yours.


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