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    Hey I would like to start up detailing as a job with my brother. Right now we have been doing peoples cars in our private development for a side job but I love doing it and would like to know some tips.

    First of all, how do you get your name out there so people know you are offering the service?

    We put fliers in peoples mailboxes and I have a scrolling LED license plate that I have the website on.

    If I register the business do I need to pay taxes etc? How much does it cost to register and as far as insurance goes, do you have insurance?

    All the help is appreciated. I am located in Long Island, NY if that matters.

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    Start here. Use This car detailing directory To Go To Other Pages On This Website automobile association

    Now after you have saved that to your favorites you can continue looking around the forum here for other start up related threads. There are many to choose from and I would recommend reading as many as you can. Its a pretty common thread around here.

    Hope you find this helpful and good luck to you!

    .................................................. ...............Chris:bolt



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