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    Really, I want a detailed list of What you would spend your money on if your start up budget allowed for $1000 in Chemicals, cleaners, waxes, compunds, claybars, polishes, and on and on.

    Would you stick with 1 supplier such as meguires or Sunos, zaino?


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    optimum, meguiars, chemical guys for bulk type products
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    I enjoy trying new products (haven`t tried too many but plan on it) but I would not stick with just one product "over all" but when you do find something that performs well stick with it. This is one of those topics that people are going to say you need to find products you like and stick with those. Just don`t give up on trying new things.

    I would get a descent shop vac, which I just baught a good one for 108.00 after taxes a home depot, and it is a 6.5 peak horse power. Mine is kinda big (16 gallon) but if you can get a 5+ horsepower shop vac with a smaller tank size that would be even better. Saves space and you just want the power really. I recommend finding one that also acts as blower. Mine is and I really enjoy it after a wash to clean out cracks and clear the engine of water.

    I would also go on and pick up a PC and some LC pads or Edge. If you have a thousand to spend on whatever you want and money isn`t an option then things would change drastically but I would start small and get things as you go but do alot of research of the product and make sure it`s something you will enjoy. Polishes/Compounds are something that seems to be different for each user so try the more popular ones like optimum and menzerna.

    Buying just chemicals at first isn`t the best way to start out if you ask me. I would get everything else that is required to clean the car and stuff like that then start getting chemicals for the paint. Especially if your new to detailing, Trial and error and no need to waste money on start-up products that you might not enjoy or know how to use at first. Take it slow and don`t rush it too fast or you would have wished you went a different route. HTHs and if you don`t like my response I can sure give my list but everyone is going to have a different list and it goes back to try and see what works for you.




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