OK I`m a 44 y/o corp. professional male who has been into cars/detailing since I had 1st car when I was 16. I`ve detailed a long time and tok be honest I love doing it but am tired of climing around ect, but only for a select few old time customers.

Heres what I want to do , I want to start distributing product`s and have found a niche for certain types of products to be sold. I`ve been talking to mfg`s like CG & FK and a few other`s . I have about 15 retail locations I can set up a display at to sell products at , any they have carwashes so these other little thing`s would be chance to sell them there. The other area`s are in private sector.

What`s your thoughts on this as a starter business , I know you don`t have all the info that i want to do , but it would give me a chance to to do some marketing in areas I have a passion for .......passion ! is the key word here for me.

My untimate goal ( although not from the sales above ) would be to buy a carwash/detail center , but also for boats ect...