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Thread: Review-The Belt

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    Re: Review-The Belt

    Quote Originally Posted by ViperGuy21 View Post
    I like that carabiner solution, much more convenient than the velcro loop!

    No problem!
    CARABINER. I was beating my head trying to remember what it`s called!!!
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    Re: Review-The Belt

    I only paid $39.99 for it(the original black one), that`s the only reason I bought mine. I do agree that $60 is too much for that,now if they improved the pouches to high quality MF ones, along with making the belt itself a bit more flexible comfortable against one`s skin, then it might be worth it.

    If you detail in a shop/garage setting, there really isn`t any use for this. I only use mine when i`m away from inside my garage or mobile.

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    Re: Review-The Belt

    Maybe the original developer of this product should collaborate with Microfiber Madness.

    I wouldn`t mind having a onesie made out of their Crazy Pile!
    —  Jaddie

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    Re: Review-The Belt

    Quote Originally Posted by Bunky View Post
    Yes, it is definitely size for a larger person with big pockets and soft.
    Yea i had to fold it up and tie it, lol
    im 5`10
    I think its made for an nba player

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    Brandt K.

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    Review-The Belt

    This thing is uuuuuuuuughleh!! I`d get the detailer helper one or better yet the rupes one

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    Re: Review-The Belt

    I had one similar to this one that I never used. I never liked the way everything is positioned on it. But I ended up trying a Oakley AP Leg Holster and I never work on a vehicle without it. They are pricey and hard to find now. But it works perfectly for paint correction.

    If anyone is interested you are welcome to the other belt I have. I have no use for it since I started using the AP holster.

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    Re: Review-The Belt

    Rather than post something snarky (I don`t wear any belts/aprons/etc. when I detail) I`ll just allow that the cord-over-shoulder undoubtedly works better for some than for others, and hey...whatever makes the job go better for ya sounds great to me.


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