Until recently, all the available detailing clays were only recommended for twice-a-year applications. But you want your vehicle to feel smooth and slick all the time. Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay is a newer breed of detailing clay with a softer consistency. This ultra fine clay can be used up to once a month to safely clean paint and obtain that glassy smooth finish.

In the 1990`s, detailing clay was developed to remove paint overspray and industrial fallout from clear coats. This medium grade clay was almost exclusively used by professional detailers. It was heavier and less flexible clay, designed to remove heavy paint contamination on an infrequent basis. Inevitably, detailing clay became a hit with enthusiasts looking for the ultimate clean, smooth-as-glass finish.

If you`ve never used detail clay, you don`t know what you`re missing. Detailing clay works by removing debris that is lodged in the paint, like rail dust, industrial fallout, and overspray. This often-microscopic contamination can`t be seen but it can be felt. Washing can`t remove embedded contamination. Polishing is not a great option because you could rub the debris into the paint, rather than removing it. Detailing clay is the answer. Use it once and you`ll be amazed at the amount of dirt and grime that comes off the paint.

Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay works by removing microscopic contaminants from the paint. Remaining swirls and scratches can then be safely polished out or filled in with a glaze or wax.

Detailing clay is one of the most rewarding processes you can perform on your vehicle. After claying, the paint feels like silk. You can`t stop touching it! So Pinnacle developed Ultra Poly Clay, a super fine grade of clay that can be used more often. Experience the clean, touchably smooth feeling of just-clayed paint as often as you want with the Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay PLUS Special.

The Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay PLUS Special includes two 100 gram clay bars, a 16 oz. Pinnacle Clay Lubricant, and two Cobra Indigo Edgeless Polishing Cloths. With this kit, you can clay your vehicle as often as necessary - as often as monthly - to maintain a perfect finish.

The Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay PLUS Special is designed for frequent use to maintain a smooth, clean finish.

To use Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay, mist a section of paint with Pinnacle Clay Lubricant. Rub the clay gently back and forth across the wet paint. It will grab at first. As you rub, it will eventually glide smoothly. Use the Cobra Indigo Microfiber Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloth to wipe off the lubricant. If there is any clay residue on the paint, spray a little more Clay Lubricant to wipe it away. Reshape the clay as needed to reveal a clean portion. Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay has superior elasticity compared to heavier grades of clay, making Ultra Poly Clay very easy to work with.

Detailing clay does not remove swirls or scratches, and it`s not the same as polishing. If your vehicle needs to be polished, use detailing clay first. The clay will remove embedded contaminants so you can polish without fear of rubbing these contaminants against the paint.

Run your fingers over the paint after claying. The difference is incredible! A coat of wax intensifies the shine and slickness of the paint. The best part is that you can maintain this deep-down clean finish with frequent applications of Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay.

Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay PLUS is available from Autogeek.net.