Amazing Roll Off is one of those well-kept secrets that detailers who are "in the know" have been using for years to clean and maintain their vehicles. Amazing Roll Off was developed for boats and you`ll still find it more often in boat supply stores than in auto stores. But if you`ve tried Amazing Roll Off on your car, you know it lives up to its name.

Amazing Roll Off is a word-of-mouth product. You don`t see it advertised often because, really, it sells itself. It cleans everything from engines and wheels to patio furniture and boat sails - all without scrubbing. Not bad for a product that sells for less than $10.

Amazing Roll Off has a million uses, but let`s focus on its automotive applications:

Amazing Roll Off is an excellent wheel and tire cleaner. It`s acid-free and non-corrosive. Use it on clear-coated, painted, aluminum, stainless steel, chrome, and any other type of wheel. On tires, Amazing Roll Off cleans and brightens white walls without bleach, so it doesn`t discolor the rubber.

Amazing Roll Off cleans and degreases wheels and tires with little or no agitation. The non-acidic, non-corrosive formula is safe on all types of wheels.

You can see how brake dust and grime literally roll off the wheel. In this shot, no scrubbing has been done. This is the effect of just the Amazing Roll Off and water.

For vinyl and fabric convertible tops, you can`t beat Amazing Roll Off. It removes grease, dirt, and even mildew. It leaves a protective, mildew-inhibiting finish that makes the top easier to clean next time. Remember, Amazing Roll Off was developed for canvas boat sails so it has to be able to stand up to wetness and mildew. Amazing Roll Off does not affect the convertible top`s water repellency.



Amazing Roll Off is safe on vinyl and rubber. You can use Amazing Roll Off on rubber weatherstripping, trim, tires, and even vinyl siding! It won`t dry out or fade rubber and vinyl like all purpose cleaners can.

Use Amazing Roll Off as an engine degreaser. It cuts though grease, oil, and diesel soot to brighten the engine. Yet, it contains no acids or corrosive solvents. It`s safe on the rubber hoses and on aluminum. Amazing Roll Off is biodegradable and ecologically safe. That`s peace of mind when overspray occurs on body panels. Amazing Roll is safe on painted surfaces, though it should be diluted.

Amazing Roll Off is safe on painted surfaces. Always spray the surface with water first. Here we`re using Amazing Roll Off to remove a sticky substance from the panel.

RV owners will love Amazing Roll Off. It removes those black streaks from fiberglass and it`s completely safe on gel coat. You can use it on the awnings, too.

Amazing Roll Off is activated by water. Wet the surface before spraying on Amazing Roll Off. Most grime will come off with little or no agitation. It literally rolls off in the rinse water. The best part is that Amazing Roll Off leaves a wax-like protective finish that repels dirt and inhibits rust and mildew.

Incidentally, Amazing Roll can be used on countertops, copper, teak, bimini tops, tonneau covers, and even leather. Use it on bicycles, bathroom fixtures, in fiberglass showers, and on rust stains and calcium buildup. There are a million uses for car care, household cleaning, and of course, boat and RV maintenance.

You`d expect to pay a lot for an all purpose cleaner that also protects, but Amazing Roll Off is an unbelievable value. What more could you ask for in a all purpose cleaner? Amazing Roll Off cleans a wide variety of surfaces, it`s safe and biodegradable, it resists rust and mildew, and did I mention it works on almost anything? The secret is out: Amazing Roll Off isn`t just for boats anymore.

Amazing Roll Off is available from Autogeek.