It’s official. Microfiber is the new terry cloth. A few years ago, nearly every manufacturer recommended terry cloth towels for detailing. Not any more. Microfiber, with its amazing cleaning ability, has become the towel of choice. For all its dust-attracting, non-streaking, silky softness, microfiber requires only one thing in return: a good detergent.

Microfiber has special cleaning properties that make it a unique cleaning challenge. First, microfiber has a split weave that forms liquid-trapping compartments. Car care products and dirty residue accumulate within the split weave, where they can be tough to remove. A lot of laundry detergents fall short of removing oily residues: think of greasy food stains on your favorite shirt. On microfiber towel or applicator, oily residue from one product can interfere with the performance of another product, i.e. streaking, poor adherence, and cloudiness.

Secondly, microfiber has static cleaning properties that allow it to attract dirt and dust. Fabric softeners or detergents containing fabric softeners will eliminate the static charge, thus eliminating the microfiber’s attraction to dust.

Microfiber has an absorbent split weave that captures dirt and residues. Conventional laundry detergents cannot always release residues from deep within the fibers.

Typical laundry detergents also have perfumes and dyes that can leave residues within the microfiber. These additives are unnecessary and undesirable in a microfiber wash. For the best performance and longevity of your microfiber collection, use a clean-rinsing, grease-cutting cleaner that leaves nothing behind. One example is DP Microfiber Cleaner.

DP Microfiber Cleaner is formulated specifically to clean microfiber and protect its special characteristics. A special blend of emulsifiers, surfactants, chelating agents and water softeners deep clean microfiber to restore its texture, softness, and absorbency. DP Microfiber Cleaner breaks down oily deposits and stains and suspends them until they are flushed out in the rinse cycle.

In fact, if you put your hands in DP Microfiber Cleaner, you’ll notice how dry they feel when you pull them out. That’s because DP Microfiber Cleaner zaps all the oils out of your hands. It has this same effect on microfiber. DP Microfiber Cleaner releases all oils, grease, organic stains, food, make-up, and protein-based stains, like blood and body oils. The microfiber is left totally clean, like new.

Mild water softeners in DP Microfiber Cleaner neutralize hard water to maintain the soft texture of the microfiber. Fabric softeners will eliminate the microfiber’s electric charge, and therefore make it ineffective for dusting. DP Microfiber Cleaner preserves this electric charge and maintains the fabric’s softness. Microfiber towels and tools will come out of the dryer feeling soft and clean.

In the before image, these microfiber towels had a combination of brake dust and exhaust film. The bonnet had polish residue on it. After washing them in DP Microfiber Cleaner, the towels and bonnet are clean and soft. These are the actual results achieved with DP Microfiber Cleaner.

DP Microfiber Cleaner can be used on natural chamois and terry cloth, too. It will release stains and preserve the material’s natural texture, just as it does for microfiber.

DP Microfiber Cleaner rinses completely clean. It leaves no residue of its own and it is completely biodegradable.

DP Microfiber Cleaner contains no fabric softener or bleach, which reduce microfiber’s effectiveness. DP Micro-Cleanser is all cleaner, nothing extra.

DP Microfiber Cleaner is highly concentrated! One to two ounces cleans a half load of laundry. Two to three ounces clean a full load. Allow heavily soiled items to soak for several minutes before running the wash cycle. A measuring cup is included.

Think of how soft a new microfiber towel feels. Microfiber is a manmade product. It doesn’t age like cotton or a chamois. Microfiber will stay this soft as long as you take care of it properly: no fabric softener, no bleach, and no heat. Nothing needs to be added to microfiber to maintain it. Using DP Microfiber Cleaner is an easy way to be sure you’re washing away soil and putting nothing in its place.

DP Microfiber Cleaner includes a measuring cup. It is available in 32 oz. and gallon sizes, making it a convenient choice for detailers and hobbyists.

Preserve your microfiber collection with DP Microfiber Cleaner, available from