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    Mini-test: SiO2 Sealant comparison (hood)

    Hi all! I havenít posted much this year, spent the first half looking for and purchasing and updating a new home. But I have been maintaining my vehicles. And Iíve done some small comparison tests since early spring, for my own knowledge since I havenít had time to type or take pics.

    The one test that I did snap some pics of is briefly described here.

    There was some sap mist or some other tiny dots that got all over the Q5 hood (and some other places but not as bad). Not really sure what it was but I could carefully scratch off with my fingernails, but way too many to go over the whole hood. Bug Remover and Tar Remover didnít help.

    So I polished just the hood which was previously coated with CarPro CQ UK 2.0 9 months ago.

    On May 9th I used the opportunity to try Mckees Ceramic AIO. It was a non-eventful Polish with LC orange polishing pad, coating came off no problem. It was about 70degF and low humidity in my garage. Wipe-off wasnít super easy, but not terrible.

    The next day I added small sections topped with TW Hybrid Solutions, Mckees SiO2 Ceramic Paint Sealant, WG SiO2 Paint Sealant, and PBL Paint Sealant. I left two small sections alone to monitor the AIO protection.

    The car wasnít driven much over the next month. Maybe 200 miles total. It spent about a week total in the garage and the rest in the driveway. Weather was very mild in May, not many real hot days. Not many rain-outs. I washed it 2 times with light/normal dilution of CarPro Reset 1oz:4gal water.

    On the third wash on June 8th, I had a few minutes to take water pics after the wash. Pics taken about 1 second apart.

    If youíre tracking from home, the Mckees products are toast. The section with Mckees SiO2 sealant rejects water slightly faster than the AIO-only sections, which isnít saying much.

    The other sections topped with TW, WG sealants shed water like-new. PBL is a little slower, it seems to lose durability as the bottle ages. But itís far from dead.

    Thatís the end of the test, I immediately polished and started something new, due to my dissatisfaction with the under-performers. Everything Iíve used from the line has been a dud and has looked pretty dead by 1 month. But I figured itís worth sharing my experience if it saves someone a bad purchase.
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    Re: Mini-test: SiO2 Sealant comparison (hood)

    Thanks homeslice I enjoy the reads.
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