The dealer put a PPF bra on the F-Pace in 2017 when we bought it:

I didn`t get any real instructions on how to care for it, so I clayed it, waxed it, SI02 sprayed it, and even polished it. So far its held up great except where I punched a hole in it with the power washer. The transition on the fender looks as good as it did when it was new - Almost unnoticeable.

I`m on my 5th Black Chevy Truck; I decided to wrap the whole thing based on my experience knowing if I look wrong at the paint its going to scratch. It makes it especially bad when I`m out in the fields picking up rocks and loading up tree branches. This is about the nicest truck you can get so I figure I`ll keep this one for awhile.

As far as the future of coatings, my PPF guy says his company is actively working with smaller car manufactures to do wraps instead of traditional paints. According to him, the EPA regulations are going to make painting a thing of the past.