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    Adams Wheel & Tire Cleaner is really good

    Something I`ve convinced myself to be true is that distinct chemicals are necessary for even routine maintenance cleaning of tires vs wheels. Until today I haven`t found anything I liked for cleaning wheels and tires in one chemical. My go-to routine has been Adams Tire & Rubber for the tires and Griot`s Wheel Cleaner for wheels, the latter based mostly on price point and it`s pleasant smell. When I want extra oomph I reach for Adams wheel cleaner which has iron decon added.

    Not pictured: P&S and a bunch of other stuff I`ve tried. I recently bought that gallon of Adams T&R Cleaner and now I wish I hadn`t because I just tried Adams` new Wheel & Tire Cleaner, and it`s fantastic.

    Here is AW&T going to work on a fairly dirty tire and wheel.

    Ok, nice glamor shot but doesn`t really mean much. So I cleaned the next tire using 303 T&R Cleaner, rinsed, and then hit it with the Adams...

    This surprised me, to say the least. 303 is pretty good stuff. I did this again on a 3rd tire vs Adams Tire & Rubber and discovered that W&T cleaner also picks up dirt T&R leaves behind. Either that, or W&T cleaner just naturally changes color to brown.

    The downside is that after cleaning four 35" tires, most of this $13 bottle is gone. I can get 1 or 2 more big tires done. I blame the sprayer, no matter how I twist the nozzle I get a stream. I think trying this out of a normal bottle will help.

    A gallon of Griot`s Wheel Cleaner is about $33 and a gallon of Adams Tire cleaner is $43, so my current solution has been costing me ((33+43)/2) = $38 per gallon. Adams W&T cleaner also goes for $38 on Amazon (this cannot be a coincidence). A gallon of P&S Brake Buster goes for $23. I don`t like BB anywhere as much as the Adams, but it does an ok job for light purposes.

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    Re: Adams Wheel & Tire Cleaner is really good

    I will agree. I used this a while back while beta testing this product. It is legit and works well!
    Scott Harle
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    Re: Adams Wheel & Tire Cleaner is really good

    It`s very impresive that it`s seems to be stronger than the Adam`s Tire and Rubber Cleaner. And very good of you to show how it cleaning up an already cleaned tire. The downside could be that if you use tire coating it could be too strong for the maintance washes. Would be very interesting to see it`s performance on a rim baked with brake dust. Is this a color changing product? And has it the ability to desolve the imbedded brake dust?

    A good value if you compare it to the Tire and Rubber Cleaner. How do you like the Sonax Wheel Cleaner Plus? It`s actually what I use on the rims when I do maintance washes and spray on and let it dwell and PW clean rinsing it off. It does a great job for me when doing this. So depending on how long in between the washes but every 2-3 wash I use brushes to get the extra cleaning ability from it. But tires it`s not so good for me. But the Bilt Hamber Auto-Foam does such a great work to touchless cleaning the tires so it`s not much needed on them.

    Will see what the price gets here in Sweden of the Adam`s Wheel and Tire Cleaner. Have been thinking on getting the Tire and Rubber Cleaner for a time now. The gallon of it is at $65 last time I checked. Have you tested it against the Tuf Shine Tire Cleaner yet?
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    Re: Adams Wheel & Tire Cleaner is really good

    It is not a color-changing product, this does not have the iron remover like Adams Wheel Cleaner does. I will try it against the Tuf Shine next, that is a really good tire cleaner too. I`m going to need a refill of the Adams just to compare it to everything and to see if it strips tire dressing!

    The Sonax Wheel Cleaner Plus is great; I have had great luck with that. You are right though, it is not good on tires, just the wheel.
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    Re: Adams Wheel & Tire Cleaner is really good

    As luck would have it, my wife had her car done with shiny tire dressing and then drove in the dirt. Great chance to use the last of my Adams Wheel & Tire cleaner...

    This is what it looked like when I started. Note the sickly shiny dressing that she loves so much:

    Here is AW&TC going to work:

    Here is another tire:

    I hit it with Tuf Shine first, rinsed, then hit it with the last of my AW&TC:

    As you can see it looks really good, the Adams did not turn brown, much-- at least no more than I would expect with such an icky tire dressing on it. I think it is fair to say that in this case, the Tuf Shine is as good of a tire cleaner as AW&TC.

    Here is what it looks like after drying. As you can see, the tire is still dark but all the glossy shine has indeed been removed. I do not know what they put on there but I doubt it was a quality product anyway.

    [ I guess I should add-- my wife visits the tunnel wash for various reasons -- yesterday involved prep for the homecoming dance at the kids` school -- and I do not spend energy talking her out of it. The car is a lease and I polish it out every few months. ]
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    Re: Adams Wheel & Tire Cleaner is really good

    Good review my friend. I like the detailed pics and comparisons.

    No shame in tunnel wash. They aren’t the best but they are quick and good enough on a non show car. As long as like you know it will have to be some what polished out occasionally

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