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    I have been looking at PDR and think it`s really neat and like it because it has to deal with cars and is something that takes skill to master.

    So`I was wondering, what is the market for PDR? I mean, you can have clients, but how does it work if you want to go to a body shop or auction, do you take less money? What other places can you service? Do you have to chase hail storms, if you just wanted to work around in 50-100 mile radius, would that be fine? Or do you have to travel to certain places?

    My questions are all wild, I know, but I haven`t slept and it`s 4 AM but I have a lot of questions on my mind.

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    Go to they will fill you in on most of the specifics. It`s a long expensive road you want to travel with no guarantees. A lot of guys will try to talk you out of it. Your initial investment for tools and training will easily push 10k. Then it`s up to you to get good. Lots of practice lots of freebies. There will be days you hack up everything and day were you think your a master craftsman, neither feeling will be right. If your looking to make money immediately this isn`t for you. For me it`s an add on to my part time detailing business, this allows me to truly cherry pick the dents I do. It seems that everytime I get a call just for a dent it`s something ridiculous that needs a panel replacement.
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