I have been in the high end detailing business for 20 plus years and the first 13 was for Mercedes Benz where I was the shop mgr and trainer. During those years I trained alot of detailers, some with prior experience and some that were 100% green. Throughout the training I learned methods of instruction that made it easier for the student to absorb the info.

Recently I have started thinking about starting a detailer training course in Spokane Wa and I just wanted to get some advice from those of you that have taken classes or have knowledge of what it requires and the prices...

How long do the training courses typically run?

Are most of the students learning the trade for personal gain or are they folks from dealerships or detail shops looking to further their knowledge?

How much does a typical detail school cost to attend?

Have any of you added training to an existing detail business? My intentions are to continue my detailing business and offer detail training during the slow winter months.

thanks for the advice