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    going to try PB a few questions

    I am an amateur at this and will not be working on my car alot. One reason I picked PB`s is the ability to use in the sun.

    my questions,

    I am planning on getting PP EX-P and SSR1 I am going to do all of this by hand, so the by hand thing am I crazy and how will the results be?

    Also some people like PP then SSR1 and some like it the other way, please chime in one last time for me.

    my car is an older 4door Explorer dark green.


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    How does the paint look...???
    If it has many swirls and scratches..its best to get those fix`d before you use EX..
    SWR1 by hand may take out some light swirls and some light scratches..but if you have heavy duty need to go own another road..

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    the paint looks good not great, some swirls and light scratches on the hood.

    I am not looking to get this to look like it is going in a show, over all the paint is good for me.

    Also I don`t want to do a 5 to 7 step program on this, I would be willing to do some extra stuff to the hood but I have read that working by hand you will not really get many swirls out.

    feel free to suggest other steps.

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    It`ll look great if you put in the effort. Use the PP on all your metal(wheels, chrome aluminum), and also on your glass. The PP is awesome for all that. Use the SSR1 on your paint and work it in real good. By hand you`re going to have a very tired arm by the time your done, but it leaves a very slick and glossy finish. Top it off with the EX-P and you`ve got a great look. Try and apply the EX-P in very thin layers, it`s easier to remove that way. Keep in mind you can layer the EX-P for more reflectivity and durability. Just my opinion.
    I love the smell of EX-P in the morning.

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    Get a PC from PAC. You (and your arm) will not be sorry!!!!

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    I use alot of PB products and by hand this is what I`d do.

    After wash and drying, I`d start with the SSR1 work as best you can in small sections.

    Then follow with P-w-C instead of PP. This product has some fillers and by hand it will cover up some of the swirls. Then follow up with the EX let cure for 24 hours, you can folow that with a good paste wax if you want, or apply another coat of EX.
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