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Thread: EX-P Trial

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    EX-P Trial

    The SSR1, PwC, EX-P looks great. It provided a nice look and is super slick. I think it rivals right up there with UPP and Zaino and might even surpass them. After one layer of EX-P on this fornt section and 3 layers of UPP on the drivers door bedside and tailgate that was completed last sunday. There is a definate different look to the EX-P and it seems slicker to the touch than the UPP. The UPP is super clear and reflective but the PwC, EX-P is Clear and reflective it also has a nice deep look to it. And for reflections well lets just say when I was removing it there looked like some haze that I was tring to get off by the F150 badge on the front fender that I was rubbing and rubbing trying to remove to find out was just the emblem reflecting from the sun in the paint. This is definatly in my stable for a long time to come. I thinkt he PwC added to the look for the depth and that is what I was wanting to accomplish.

    I am going to do the whole truck with this combo expcept its gonna be 3xEX-P then after doing some talking with Steve I am going to top that with 2xEX then top that with Nattys to try and get the most rlective, deepest, wettest shine possible. I did take pics of this compared to the UPP thats sitting right beside it but I dont have a digital cam so some time the beginning of next week I will have pics up of this and what it looks like after 3xEX-P then what it looks like with 2xEX on top of that and then what it looks like with all that topped with Nattys and I will let you know if I think it changed much during the process.

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    Good choices Tommy! I think you`ll really like the Natty`s over a couple of coats of EX-P!

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    Hmmm PwC / 3 EX-P / 2 EX / Natty`s? Hmmmm very nice. I wonder what S100 would do topped on top of Natty`s

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    Sounds like an interesting plan. Looking forward to hearing about your results.



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