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    I was looking to add a layer of protection to my Alpine White BMW and I pulled a half-filled bottle of EX Sealant with Carnauba out of my garage closet. It`s been about 7 years since I last used it and was very happy with how easily it went on/off and the resulting finish it left behind. I`d forgotten how nice the product is and was happy to re-acquaint myself with it.
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    Re: Re-discovering EX


    The above is 3 years old, haven’t tried it yet but will someday. Had dreams of this topped with these:


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    Re: Re-discovering EX

    I still use it. No idea how old my last bottle is, but it still looks and works great. After it’s done I will probably use HCW. My SSRs and wheel sealant are drying out though. Plastic bottles have started to get brittle too.

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