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    Question Correcting Stained Paint?

    On a plastic side cover off of a 2009 Harley Davidson Road King Classic, Harley calls the color "deep Turquoise".

    2009 HD Two-Tone Color 2.jpg

    I started using Blue Magic fine grade clay then I moved up to Chemical Guys medium clay to no avail, I still could not get the brown`rust`looking run stains out of the paint:


    The medium clay put a bit of a marring on the surface of the paint but removed very little.

    The blemish almost looks like a brown spilled coffee stain.

    I was recently told it could be that it came from under the paint that there was flash / surface rusting that wasn`t visible yet then as it matured, it came thru the paint?

    From actual experience, anyone have any suggestions?

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    Re: Correcting Stained Paint?

    Surface rust on plastic/ABS?
    IDK what it is. Posting only to keep thread alive, hoping someone else can help you.
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    Re: Correcting Stained Paint?

    Quote Originally Posted by LT4 View Post
    Surface rust on plastic/ABS?
    Ha, excellent point.

    To the OP: Clay is only going to do something if that stain is above/on the surface. If you can`t feel it, and since you`ve already marred it with the clay, it would seem appropriate to try some polish and see if it does anything. The problem with staining is that is can sometimes penetrate fairly far into the paint.
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