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That’s some bomb ace mirror right there. 20x what Essence is. I’ll give you $800 for it if you’re looking to part ways. Or $600 if it’s been opened for more than a year.
LOL! That`s true, but it`s also 20x glossier than Zymol Vintage. So in reality it`s worth $2,945 x 20 = $58,900...or basically the price of just one fancy container of Zymol Solaris. I love wax math, don`t forget Rhopoint verified!

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Maybe you could wrap with a mirror looking one LOL. There are some chrome ones I`ve seen. Then you have some high gloss readings LOL. Wondering what LSPs would be doing on such of surface to the gloss readings.
Good to see you again in here Tony, I remember that thread popping up on Autogeek with the guys looking for you!

So I just did a test with the mirror, after cleaning with Jax Wax Glass Cleaner it was peaking at 1,947GU at 20°. Quick coat of Pinnacle Souveran was peaking at 1,950GU! Real close, probably within the margin of error. Later on I might pull out the abrasives and see how they would impact the measurements of the mirror over time. The upper gloss limit that this meter can measure at is 2,000GU.