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    Optimum Hyper System | Sprayer Tune-Up

    Optimum`s Hyper Polishing System (HPS) is known for being a pleasure to work with and the epitome of efficiency compared to other polishing systems. You`ll use less than 1/3 the amount of product than other brands which means less cleanup and consumption.

    Also, the HPS produces WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) results which is important because fillers and oils can give a false sense of correction when using other brands. It`s a professional detailer`s nightmare to have all his work undone after a few washes magically bring back the swirl marks he thought he had fixed.

    Probably the most unique thing about HPS is the dosing system with trigger delivery. By eliminating the guesswork of how much product should be use per section this delivery system is the best way to save time and money while polishing. Sometimes if not shaken well or if left to settle over long periods, the delivery sprayer can dry or clog and slow you down. This tutorial will show you how to get back to polishing in less than 3 minutes of you encounter a clog.

    You can also use these tips for any sprayers that function in a similar manner as these. So try a sprayer tuneup before you toss them.

    Continue to article on EVERNOTE
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    Re: Optimum Hyper System | Sprayer Tune-Up

    Thanks for the info!

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    Re: Optimum Hyper System | Sprayer Tune-Up

    Thank You Chris

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    Re: Optimum Hyper System | Sprayer Tune-Up

    Also.....warm water works great by removing the tube from the sprayer and rinsing out....great products by the way, Compound and Polish
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    Re: Optimum Hyper System | Sprayer Tune-Up

    Great info Chris. Thanks for sharing it.
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    Re: Optimum Hyper System | Sprayer Tune-Up

    Really intrigued by this product. Ill have to try it sometime



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