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    ONR is really slick...

    ...pun intended!

    I first came to this forum in 2007 where I learned about Optimum No Rinse Wash `n Shine. So I gave it a try and became a quick fan. We don`t have water restrictions here, but the winters are real. A coin-op spray pressure wash gets mud and cinders off, but not the road grime glued to the finish. So I get out the pail of warm water and ONR and my waffle weave mirofiber towel and do a top down no rinse wash. Now I do it a little different. I use a spray bottle with an ONR mix concentrate suitable for detailing or claying.
    (about 1.5 - 2 oz. in a quart bottle). It`s mixed in a quart sprayer with distilled water. My bucket is clean warm tap water. My WW towel is rinsed and wrung out and I spray, wipe, turn, and rinse the towel in a top down method and follow up with a dry, quality MF towel as I go. It works great!
    I really like the product!
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    Re: ONR is really slick...

    ONR is a blessing for us in the Northeast for sure !
    just when you think you have your system down pat, you learn something new.
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