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    Talking New Guy Who is Obsessed With his Truck

    Hey guys, I`ve been wanting to take the finish of my truck to the next level for some time now. I`ve built up a small collection of products (mostly waxes) that has left me somewhat unsatisfied in my quest for a beautiful finish.

    For starters, my truck is an `02 Tacoma standard cab, lowered 3`` in the front, and 4" in the rear. The color is 3L5 "Radient Red". Exterior mods include a Snuglid hard tonneau, and a Sir Michaels rollpan.

    My collection of "detailing" products include (don`t laugh!, I know they aren`t up to par with what you guys are using):

    -3m "Perfect-It" paste wax
    -3m "Perfect-It" liquid wax
    -3m rubbing compound - fine cut
    -3m "finesse-it" maching polishing compound
    -Meguiar`s "Scratch-X" (this is most disappointing product I`ve used yet)
    -Meguiar`s NXT wax (what I`m currently using)
    -Meguiar`s NXT Booster wax
    -Meguiar`s NXT Protectant (can you tell I got sucked in by this product?)
    -Meguiar`s Quick Detailer (I love the smell of this stuff)
    -Meguiar`s Deep Crystal Paint Cleaner
    -Orange Blast (works great on the wheels and under the hood)
    -Cheap ass MF towels that Target Sells. (the five packs that come in blue and white )
    -"Absorber" (this thing is useless unless I follow up with the MF towels. It does work very well for drying dishes, too)
    -$15 Coleman DA buffer I got from Wal- Mart (this thing actually worked out pretty good with the 3m machine polish ; however, the constant rattling drove me up the wall)
    -Last but not least, Mr. Clean Auto Dry (this thing actually ain`t too bad, I didn`t like how fast the DI cartridges are spent though.)

    I`m eventually going to ditch all these products, except fo the 3m polishing compound, and the rubbing compound. I`ve been checking Poorboy`s Products, and think I might buy a starter kit very soon. I would like to try Zaino, but the price is way too damn high, for something that works as a sysytem to get the best results.

    My biggest problem is water spots. I can never seem dry my truck fast enough, even in the shade. A lot of it has to do with the hot, arid, Nevada climate that I`m living in right now, but I`m moving back to so-cal next week, so maybe that`ll make a difference. I usually Soak up the majority of the water with the Absorber, and then follow up with the MF towels. I`ve seen the WW Microfiber towels that are supposed to work great for drying, but I have another idea that I`m going to try out before I buy those. Call me crazy, but I`m going to buy a 2.5 gallon bug sprayer and fill it up with distilled water for the final rinse. Think it`ll work?

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    Welcome to DC! I have done the bug sprayer thing with DI water and it does work. It is kind of price though. Several good articles here on washing your car. Search for the and try them first. Might save your self some $$$$$$$$$$$

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    welcome to DC

    ....and you can get 10% discount from the sponsors Autogeek and Premiumauto care by writing in a discount code of detailcity when you order on line
    life is short it while you can


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    welcome! Your product collection is pretty good so far, but hang out on these forums for a couple months, and I`m sure that it will change a lot.

    What area of so-cal are you moving to?

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    Thanks for the warm welcome guys.

    treestand- I`ll be working in Long Beach, and living in the south bay area (Torrance). Eventually when I get some money saved up I`ll be living in Long Beach. I love it over there.

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    Do check in to a Waffle Weave microfiber towel to replace the Absorber for drying. Much better! My Absorber just sits on the shelf now! And check in to some quality microfiber towels as well.. Otherwise, your product selection isn`t all that bad. But, of course you`ll want more stuff, we all do!

    You`ll find the techniques you use in your quest for a beautiful finish are often more important than the actual products..

    One method of drying the car is to use water to dry it.. Use the hose w/o a nozzle and let the water flow over the paint and the water will just sheet off. Then a nice WW to pick up whatever`s left. I`m sure there`s some threads around here that fully explain the process..



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