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    Re: Glad I Found This Forum! - BUT I`M OVERWHELMED

    Quote Originally Posted by Lonnie View Post
    Welcome to Autopia and congrats on the 2005 911 Porsche purchase. I say that as a Porsche-o-phile, but I am an admirer and dreamer (the one iconic car many WISH the could own and drive), not a real owner like you.

    Here`s what I wrote in another thread about what you need to get started in detailing:

    One aspect the beginning hobbyist detailers overlook is car washing and the products and equipment needed to "properly" do this detailing task.
    If I was starting out taking care of a new (or slightly pre-owned, new-to-me) vehicle is to invest in vehicle washing products and equipment.
    5 (or 3)-gallon Buckets, Grit Guards, microfiber noodle wash mitts,bug pads, wheel-cleaning pads, brushes of various types (one for the rim brake dust, one for the egg-crate-patterned grill, one for the tires, one for the vinyl trim or door/trunk/rear hatch jams and hinges), microfiber drying towels, microfibers for use with the various exterior cleaning products listed below, a 50-foot (or 75 foot) 3/4-inch diameter industrial/contractor-grade garden hose and spray nozzle are things to consider.
    Then there are products of vehicle wash soaps, tire (or wheel) cleaning, brake dust (rim) removers, bug cleaners, All-Purpose Cleaners or De-Greasers (for door jams and wheel wells), iron decontamination cleaners, tar removers, and window cleaners to consider. That is just "the basics" in my mind. As you can see and guess, you`ll have quite an investment in these products and equipment alone. BUT, vehicle washing is the one detailing task you will do the most of, so why not start there.

    Most vehicle exterior "problems" are the result of improper washing techniques or poor or neglected cleaning. How many newer vehicles do you see whose rims look black from brake dust? A LOT! Or even dirty wheel wells because tunnel car washes do not clean effectively in those areas. Or bugs on the front grill or bumpers because automated car washes do not remove them? Or even bird droppings that sit on panels or hoods and etch the paint because the vehicle owner/leasee does not care (or know) enough to use a rinse-less wash and spot clean these problems when they occur?

    You can add a drying blower and power washer and foam lance as nice-to-have tools for vehicle washing later on.
    (My "redneck" drying blower is a Toro Variable-Speed leaf blower, Model No. 51619. Works for "cheapskate" me. Just NEVER use it as a vacuum to pick up and shred leaves or lawn debris. It`s a mess the next time you try to dry a vehicle.
    Live and learn...Or as 1920`s humorist and writer Will Rodger`s said, "I guess common sense ain`t so common!")

    By the way, another Porsche 911 owner within this forum is Sizzle Chest. He is a world-class (and I do mean "world-class") detailer extraordinaire and has detailed more high-end 911`s than most people see in a life time. If you want, use the search engine within this forum, Key in "Porsche" for the keyword, and "Sizzle Chest" for the user name, and look at the posts started by him. He lists the detailing products he uses, mostly McKee`s 37, Adams, and 22ple coating, so this might give you an idea of which products to buy and use.
    Thanks for the insights. I have most of the tools nailed down, I think it`s more the products I want to dig into a little more. I also have a Ryobi leaf blower to dry my car and it works very well. I will check out Sizzle Chest and thanks for the heads up.

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    Re: Glad I Found This Forum! - BUT I`M OVERWHELMED

    Quote Originally Posted by Setec Astronomy View Post
    Funny how some of the basic thread referrals we used to do have fallen by the wayside...or maybe some of the threads/guides just aren`t there anymore.

    The Autopia 5 Step Paint Care Cycle
    Thank you for the links. I had found the How To page but the thread you posted I had not seen.

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    Re: Glad I Found This Forum! - BUT I`M OVERWHELMED

    Quote Originally Posted by Merlin View Post
    Welcome to Autopia.

    There are 100`s of brands and various products for each category Maintenance/wash and Last Step Products (waxes, sealants coatings) called (LSP) for paint and trim protection.
    You can take it lightly or fall into the rabbit hole like most of us here have done. The main thing I have learned over the years is that the auto-parts store products are not quality.
    (There are exceptions to this rule but they are few) In short it comes down to clean and protect. I`ve been doing this for a LONG time I amm still learning processes and products.

    What are you currently using to clean and protect?

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    Re: Glad I Found This Forum! - BUT I`M OVERWHELMED

    Quote Originally Posted by twentyfour View Post
    Based on what I read I believe I should be using a pH neutral soap.
    Just FWIW...I`ve never paid *any* attention to the ph of my shampoos and it`s never been a problem. I`m all about lubricity/encapsulation and clean rinsing. Note that my shampoos (mix of Griot`s and 3D Pink) simply don`t have an appreciable stripping effect on my LSPs (Last Step Products, i.e., "waxes"/etc.) in case that`s what you`re wondering about.

    Thanks for the tips on the wheel and rim cleaner, I will check those out as well. After cleaning the wheels do you recommend any sprays to seal the rims so they are easier to clean in future washes? I`ve read up on some products that they say do this well but end up coming across some very credible reviews that discredit the products.
    While Coatings last a lot longer and clean up even easier, if you just use a good wax/sealant on the wheels you can just clean them with a strong mix of regular shampoo. You won`t believe what a diff even a mere coat of wax can make!

    I`m eager to get started!
    Good! Hope you maintain that enthusiasm Just beware the Curse of Autopia...where...seemingly ... everything has to be perfect all the time. I`m all about striving for (an unobtainable) perfection, but don`t let it take all the fun out of this stuff.


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