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    Hi From The Mountain State

    I`m getting ready to retire next month and a friend of mine owns a local lot in town asked me to detail a few for him. I owned a detail shop in the 90`s and did a lot of work for the Ford and Toyota stores here in town and had a good business. I`ve started using some of the new Ceramic spray waxes and I sure am impressed with the results and how easy they are to use. Thanks for having me here with you all and maybe this ol coot can learn something new or maybe share some with you all.

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    Re: Hi From The Mountain State

    Good to have you here

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    Re: Hi From The Mountain State

    Welcome to the Forum, Mossy Oak, WV !
    Glad to have you aboard, Joe, we hope you enjoy it here.. This is a very nice place to come talk about Detailing..
    Hope to see you around the Campus !
    Dan F

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    Re: Hi From The Mountain State

    welcome joe

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    Re: Hi From The Mountain State

    Welcome to the forum....looking forward to learning from you

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    Re: Hi From The Mountain State

    Mossy Oak , WV (AKA, Joe):
    Welcome to this detailing forum. I would like to know a little bit more about your exploits with your detailing business in 90`s.
    Like what products did you use back then and what equipment did you use; more specifically buffers or polishing machines.
    And what buffers or polishing machines are you using today.

    My wife and I took a vacation to West Virginia in August 2019 with the intent of driving on those Appalachian mountain roads that your state is named after. This was done in a 2015 Ford Taurus AWD SEL sedan. Nothing fancy, but it is a pretty nice driving vehicle, even with its 6-speed automatic transmission that can be manually shifted and is required to do so on ascending and descending the curvy, steep inclines of 8 -12% grades we encountered.
    One thing I quickly learned is that those West Virginians who drive delivery trucks or even small-trailer semis of any kind are "extremely" good drivers in those mountain hill roads. Because distances between destinations and towns can be long in the back-country and are on a lot of curvy up-and-down mountain roads, time is of the essence, which requires some "spirited" driving to get from point "A" to point "B". That became apparent when I tried to keep up with an empty dump truck driver on such a road. I will not incriminate myself on exactly how fast we both traveled, but it did "scare" my wife and my flat-land Wisconsin driving skills are no match for someone who drives on those mountain roads daily, even in a dump truck.
    I gave him a thumbs-up out my window as we parted ways at the end of the road, as I had passed him on straight stretch, but never got that far in front of him and he did give me toot with his air horn in acknowledgement as he turned the opposite way on the intersecting road.
    GB detailer
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