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    Autopia Forum Rules

    Hey All,

    Welcome to the! Thanks for visiting this site. These rules apply to you if you have registered to be a member and are logged in and are ready to post.

    In order to ensure that everybody has a good time, we have a few rules set up to help everyone out. Do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions, comments or concerns about the rules.

    1. First off, is an OPEN FORUM where all brands of detailing products can be discussed freely. You do not have to limit product conversations to brands that are available from our sponsors. This isn`t an open door invitation for Spam or shilling by non sponsoring vendors or manufactures. URL`s or links to other retail detailing stores are prohibited. If you are a detailer or car owner not affiliated with a vendor or brand and want to honestly have unbiased product discussion, this is the place.

    2. Please refrain from arguing, slamming, bashing or profanity in the public forums. We do encourage spirited debate and conversation. Just be polite and courteous at all times. If you feel that you are being attacked, harassed or stalked at anytime, let a Moderator or the Administrator know about it and the problem will be addressed ASAP.


    4. No buying, selling or want ads. If you have new or used items to sell, we suggest that you visit a website that is designed to accommodate member to member sales such as or

    5. POSTING PICTURES - No provocative, pornographic or obscene photos on may be posted. If you are posting vehicle photos, we ask that you make license plates unreadable out of respect for the privacy of the owner of that vehicle. Pictures with a width of 800 pixels or less work best.

    The Owners and Moderators of will make all attempts to keep all objectionable messages from the forum, however, we cannot be responsible for message content. It should be noted that all messages posted members represent the view of the author and not the Autopia Forum management.

    The Owners, Administrators, and Moderators of accept no responsibility/liability regarding the opinions expressed by members of this forum in posted messages. Representatives of or it’s Moderators may remove, delete, edit, move and close any topics without notice, not to and including the following.

    1) Any offensive images, language, or content.

    2) Any member threatening other members in forum posts, forum chats, or Private Message etc.

    3) Blatant advertising or repeated postings for commercialism or gain.

    4) Posting of any copyrighted is forbidden.

    The creation of multiple user accounts is not allowed. In addition, screen names may not have sexually explicit content or be inflammatory in anyway shape or form.

    Numerous forums have been created to assist members in posting. Please make all efforts to post in the appropriate area. Any posts not found to fit in the appropriate forum may be moved to another area by the Owners or Moderator of

    Any thread or posting to be of questionable content or be moved or deleted by the Moderators or Owners of without notice.

    Any comments that appear to be rude, instigating in nature, insulting, or created for commercial gain or promotion will not be tolerated.

    If you feel that you need to comment in private or want to alert the forum leadership to any posting please feel free to do so. The Moderators and Owners of will make every effort to handle the issues or posting in a timely manner.

    Signatures on are allowed. However, signatures may not have a commercial link in the signature. Any signature found to be inflammatory or offensive maybe deleted by the Moderators or Owners of without notice.

    All trading between forum members is the sole responsibility of the parties involved. is not responsible for disputes between members regarding bad transactions. Trade with caution.

    Infractions to the Rules Will Be Issued Via Our Infractions System

    1. First time- A warning will be given, via pm by a Moderator or Administrator. At this time no infractions points will be given.

    2. Second time- An infraction will be given disabling the account for at least 1 day depending on the violation.

    3. Third Time- An infraction will be given disabling the account for at least 3 days.

    4. Fourth Time- account will be disabled permanently.

    Helping fulfill and complete the vision of
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