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    Re: Helpful Threads For Newbies

    Quote Originally Posted by Buster906 View Post
    Greetings and salutations. My future career I hope will be production and show car detailing. I am currently in the Armed forces. I am married and happily for 18 years. We have to small fur babies. We are living in central Texas. My wife drives a 2006 Durango gold color and I drive a Dodge Ram 1500, white in color. My detailing arsenal includes GG 6 IN DA, MEGUIARS MT 300, PC7424XP, GG 3 IN DA, and a Vector 7 in rotary. Brands I use are Pinnacle, Chemical Guys, Griots Garage, Meguiars Professional, Zymol. We are from the Northwest. I prefer four seasons to what we get in Texas. My wife and I miss snow. I enjoy experimenting with products I have to see what outcome can be obtained. I like to share the little knowledge I have of detailing with others.
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    Re: Helpful Threads For Newbies

    Hello everyone
    Thanks! As a fellow newbie, this is very helpful. i am also new here so it is very usefull info.

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    Re: Helpful Threads For Newbies

    Does anyone else have the links posted in this thread redirect them to anytime the click on them (or even if I copy-paste the link)?

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    Re: Helpful Threads For Newbies

    Hi Everyone!
    Longtime observer, recently joined. Great site, info like no other!!!


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