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    Does Spped Clay 2.0 remove wax?

    I know a traditional clay bar removes previous layers of wax on your car.
    Does the Speed Clay 2.0 remove wax?
    Right now I am using CMX ceramic spray. I have one coat on and like to apply a second coat but have a spot or two that could use another Speed Clay 2.0 treatment.

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    Re: Does Spped Clay 2.0 remove wax?

    Speed Clay 2.0 also removes wax, but it does not remove CMX or other ceramics. Go ahead and use the Speed Clay 2.0 to attempt to remove the contaminants, and try our CMX Polish or other rubbing compound/polish combination, if necessary, to address the problem and re-apply CMX Ceramic Spray Coating when you get the problem resolved.

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