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    What would be the best Mothers product for this?

    The Meguiars people don`t really seem to have anything to say about this as to what I should be using next. Perhaps Mothers has a good sol`n for me - I have always used Mothers to wash/wax my cars. Anyways, here is what I have done so far. I picked up 2 new fenders for my 30 year old black truck. They came primed - looked quite good even without pain. Anyways, as per a couple videos I watched I painted them as follows:

    • Scuffed with a scotch pad
    • Cleaned with a wax/grease remover
    • Wiped with a tack cloth
    • Painted with 3 coats of Dupli-Color Primer Sealer (rattle cans)
    • Painted with 3 coats (actually a few more) of Dupli-Color Black (rattle cans)
    • Painted with 3 coats of Dominion Sure Seal High Gloss Instant Clear Coat (rattle cans)

    At the moment the fenders actually look quite good. However, I want to do the right thing at this point without going overboard (the rest of the truck certainly isn`t the best looking and has rust). My thought is to buff up the fenders with something (not sure what - a cutting polish or something) to bring out a bit more lustre/smoothness and then to wax with something.

    My question is what should I be using. I have watched a number of videos on this and looked at an abundance of info online etc. It seems Meguiars products are a very good choice but my golly there is so many products (seemingly for the same things) - I am lost. One guy i watched on youtube (whose direction I was more or less following on the painting and seemed like me to be taking a modest/simple approach) evidently polished with a product called Meguiars Mirror Glaze Swirl Remover 2.0 (with a #9 on the bottle). Then I assume he waxed it. Anyways, I see a range of Meguiar`s products that `may` be applicable (a sample of which I have listed below):

    • Meguiar`s Ultimate Compound
    • Meguiar`s Ultimate Polish
    • Meguiar`s Ultra Cut Compound (#105)
    • Meguiar`s Ultra Finishing Polish(#205)
    • Meguiar`s Ultimate Liquid Wax
    • Meguiar`s Ultimate Paste Wax
    • There also seems to be `Mirror Glaze` versions of these things as well as lots more

    So what might the suggestion be for a simple approach (and what products should I consider)? Also, would like to just do by hand - don`t have a polisher and again the rest of the truck isn`t perfect - although I can certainly do the same routine on the rest of the truck to improve it as well. Would it be reasonable just to do an Ultimate Polish and then a wax. Would the Mirror Glaze Swirl Remover 2.0 be a better option?

    Any/all suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Re: What would be the best Mothers product for this?

    Without a machine, it’s going to be tough to get consistent results, particularly on such a large area as a fender. Our similar products are our 08612 Professional Rubbing Compound and 08712 Professional Foam Pad Polish, followed by a wax or coating.

    Good luck.



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