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    Mothers Hybrid Spray Wax

    I have used Mothers products for a long time ... going back to the late `70s when a buddy gave me a jar/can of Mag & Aluminum Polish for the ET Mags on my `68 Charger R/T. Their Pre-Wax Cleaner/Sealer-Glaze/Carnauba Wax process was my "go-to" for many years ... but these days at 62 a tricky back objects to me spending that much time detailing. (Mom was right ... I shouldn`t have played sandlot, no-pads football.) Holding my Porter Cable or even my smaller buffer just isn`t a lot of fun any more.

    Thanks to a nifty "$15 Off with $50 purchase" of Mothers products from AutoGeek ... I added a bottle of the new Mothers Ultimate Hybrid Ceramic Spray Wax to my shopping cart last week. My hope was that it would provide me with an easy to use product for my daily driver - yet still giving me a good-looking car. I`m happy to report that it exceeded my expectations.

    The car is a 2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo that - unfortunately - has lived outside 24/7/365 for the last two years. It`s a low-mileage car as it was my mom`s car until she handed me the keys back in 2019 -- at age 98. Even though it`s a 16 year old car, it still has its original paint and I like for it to look decent.

    When I was washing the car last week I couldn`t help but notice that the paint was feeling pretty rough. Between being parked under an oak and a dogwood tree and just coming out of pollen season, it was screaming to be clay-barred. And as long as I was doing that, I knew I`d need to put a layer of protection back on the paint.

    The Ultimate Hybrid Spray Wax is insanely easy to use. I sprayed half of the roof with a liberal amount and lightly massaged it onto the surface with a decent microfiber towel. Then walked around and did the same to the other half of the roof. That seemed to give me just about the right amount of time for the product to bond with the paint without it drying before buffing it off with a fresh decent microfiber towel. I did the same with hood and trunk and the rest of the car. Except this morning I discovered that I forgot to do the front bumper.

    Usually folks post "hero" shots of their handiwork on beautifully sunny days. Well ... I didn`t take pictures that day as my back was "done" and now it`s raining in North Florida this morning. But I will say that the bead pattern is encouraging.

    Mothers Hybrid Spray Wax-05-monte-carlo-rain.jpg
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    Re: Mothers Hybrid Spray Wax

    It’s a really nice product. The Ultimate Hybrid Bead Booster Detailer is a great maintenance item.

    I’ve fallen in love with the Ultimate Hybrid Liquid. It’s sooooo easy to use and removal is effortless as well. Those 3 products together are just the ticket for my wife’s car and my daily driver.

    62? I’m just ahead of you, and I really value ease of use nowadays.
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