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    Mothers CMX wash

    I found this on discount at my local Advance Auto. It`s a really think liquid and it doesn`t suds a lot, which really isn`t an issue. The lubricity is really good and the water beading after washing is nice and tight. This is a really good SIO2 soap.

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    Re: Mothers CMX wash

    Thanks. Here are some FAQ that help explain why CMX Wash & Coat acts the way it does, and why it needs to be buffed after rinsing.
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    Re: Mothers CMX wash

    I just tried this after one of my coworkers gave me a jug of it. He didn`t like it, so I tried it, after reading the instructions. My wife`s rx was fairly clean, so I rinsed it good & applied some on a wet mitt & started on the roof & rinsed it good, then the panels, ect. I found it really does what it says. It really makes it so much easier to dry as well. Basically all one needs to do is to follow the instructions, one panel & rinse, don`t let it dry & try to continue say the whole side of the vehicle. IDK how it`d do on a really dirty vehicle compared to say a regular car wash soap thou. Thats why there are different products for different jobs. This is so close to a waterless wash, which for the most part I use. Matter of fact, I bought a bottle of your waterless wash/wax just yesterday after work just after a coworker gave me a bottle of the cmx.



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